Meet the Fleet

Betty the Bus

Betty is born in the year 1971 and is originally called Volkswagen T2. Since the adoption by Chicas the former white rusty bus turned into a totally renovated Transporter listening to the name Betty. This extremely photogenic grand dame has got a total capacity of 8 persons, so perfect for transporting wedding couples or VIP guests. 

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Billy the Chef

Billy is a strong 1968 Chevrolet S10 pick-up truck who’s in the same baby blue & white colors as Betty. This tough chef has been rolling around for a while already. Billy is so to say the Big Brother. His vintage front seat (3 persons) is perfect for a wedding couple to get from their hotel to their ceremony or party.

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Uncle Bob

This is Bob. Uncle Bob. The old timer Jeep Wagoneer has more muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Silvester Stalone together. Good old Uncle Bob is a classy and loyal family man. This American born station wagon succeeded to get all his passengers safe at home since 1982. He is really an addition to the two in blue with his golden look!

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